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2.0lb./doz., terry, 100% cotton cooling towel. The Frigitowel is great for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, construction workers, the military, hot days and fever relief. Cooling lasts for hours and has a clean citrus scent. The cooling sensation is a one-time use; however, the towel itself is reusable. The use - remove from package, shake until completely unfolded, and place around neck and/or wipe down face and hands.

as low as: US $5.13

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4lb./doz. Fitness Towel w/CleenFreek

This antimicrobial fitness towel measures 42" x 12" and weighs 4lb./doz. CleenFreek Antimicrobial Technology is built-in to add protection for your active lifestyle. It prevents bacteria and fungus growth, while helping to fight MRSA, staph, germs and odor.

as low as: US $6.25

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Mission EnduraCool™ Rally Towel

The Cool Core Towel by Mission is a high performance towel that stays cool for up to two hours. Made from performance fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out, and then snapped in the air to activate the cooling properties. Chemical-free, reusable and machine washable. Perfect for all sports and other outdoor activities.

as low as: US $10.98

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Mission EnduraCool™ Towel

Keep cool and comfortable during even the most intense activities with the Mission EnduraCool™ Instant Cooling Towel. Made from performance fabric, this towel cools instantaneously when wet with water or sweat. Simply wring out and snap the towel to activate the cooling properties. Lasting up to two hours, the EnduraCool™ is breathable, made for all sports, chemical-free, reusable and can be machine washed with detergent. UPF50 protects you from the suns harmful rays. Please confirm decoration method, as there is variation per color.

as low as: US $14.98

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